Is Cosmetic Dentistry for Me?

If you have a special event such as a wedding, graduation, birthday, or celebration of any kind, Green Family Dental can help you prepare for the plethora of pictures that are going to be taken with a Cosmetic Dentistry consultation. Cosmetic dentistry can be any type of aesthetic dental procedure from teeth whitening to dental implants.

To know if any of the following procedures are right for you, you’ll first have to come in for an exam and teeth cleaning so that our dentist can thoroughly inspect your teeth and gums to make an informed treatment suggestion. Here are a few of the cosmetic dentistry treatments that we offer with links to a more in-depth description of the procedures:

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Cosmetic Dentistry is an investment that can boost your self-esteem and provide you with a great smile for all those hugs, laughs, and pictures you’ll be taking in the future. You can also get cosmetic dentistry for the whole family in one convenient location on the East side of El Paso, TX.

Helping our patients achieve a beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry is our main goal here at Green Family Dental. Call us today at (915) 778-4681 ​, or schedule an appointment through our Contact Us pg. Our staff is friendly and ready to answer any questions you have regarding any of our procedures, insurance, or anything else you can think of.